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The Vet Is Your Friend


Finding a good and reputable vet whom the owner and dog can be comfortable with can sometimes be something of a challenge. However, if this scenario is found, then a good and beneficial relationship will prevail.

Don’t Avoid The Vet!

The vet understands the deep bond that is usually formed between the owners and their pets, and therefore they are very delicate when coming to matters pertaining to the sick animal.
The vet will be able to help the owner understand the problem and find a solution that is most suitable and acceptable to the owner, while all the while keeping the well being and comfort of the dog in mind.
Most pet owners will stick to one vet as soon as a comfortable bond is formed.

As the animal cannot talk, the vet is trained to recognize and diagnose the problem accordingly, and then decide on the next course of action suitable for the given situation. Although this solution can sometimes be rather costly, the fact that there is a relationship formed over a period of time, the owner can be assured of getting the best rates possible.

The owner can also be assured of the vet’s commitment and problem-solving skills over time.

Most people will ask for recommendations from friends when it comes to finding a suitable vet for their pet.

Arranging to meet with the vet without the pet present will allow the owner to get the feel of the doctor and the services provided. If the owner is satisfied with the outcome of the first meeting, then perhaps the services of the particular vet can be used.  

There are also several questions that the owner can pose to the vet, and these should include:

• Is the practice AAHA accredited?

• How are overnight patients monitored?

• What sort of equipment is used?

• Are there referral facilities for severe cases?