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The Dangers Of Not Caring For Your Best Friend



Having a dog and not caring for it will definitely bring forth a lot of negative repercussions. Some of which would be more damaging than others but all would be equally painful and traumatizing for the dog.  


Never Neglect Your Pet!

Perhaps the most notable of all the problems that can arise from not caring well for a pet dog would is the eventual deterioration of its health.


Most dogs that are not well cared for ultimately suffer from malnutrition and generally lack a proper diet. Even having any meals at all may not be the norm, as the neglect could be considerably high, thus creating the circumstances where even the most basic needs such as food are not met.


The lack of proper food and nutrition would then have other impacting results, such as health decline in the animal.


The ill health of the animal can go unnoticed for long periods of time until the animal is so under nourished that the animal’s internal organs become effected and start collapsing. When this happens the situation is usually dire and very little can be done to save the animal from certain death.


In some cases, if the animal is rescued from such neglect in time, adequate measures can be taken to nurse it back to health, however in most scenarios the organs are so badly damaged that the only humane recourse would be to put the animal down.  

Other consequences for not caring for the dog would lead to the dog becoming anti social and unable to respond well to any interactions from people. This could end up being a very dangerous situation though through no real fault of the animal. Simply not being used to any sort of attention would bring out its natural instinct to be on guard when attention is directed towards it.

Wrapping Up


Properly caring for your pet is very important and not something to be taken lightly. Your pet counts on you to provide it with the care it needs so don’t let them down. Neglected dogs are very sad to see and it is painful to imagine what their lives must be like. Make sure your pet is happy as they would stop at nothing to do the same for you!