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Dog Food Recipes For German Shepherds


If you enjoy cooking, and want to make healthful, flavorful food for your German Shepherd, you’re both in luck. Your best friend will love having home-cooked food, and you’ll enjoy having someone who loves your cooking so much.

One of the best ways to create a great meal for your German Shepherd is to cook, in one pot, a couple of chicken thighs or breasts (without the skin, to lower the fat content), some sliced celery and carrots, a couple of sliced and cubed potatoes and enough water to cover all that. Usually about six or seven cups of water does it. Cook this for a couple of hours, until the chicken is very done and tender. If you used bone-in chicken, go ahead and debone it now. Put the chicken back in, if necessary, and add a couple of cups of brown or white rice, and cook it until the rice is done and the water absorbed. Then stir it all up and let it cool completely, because dogs have more taste than sense, and they can burn their mouths.

Another recipe your German Shepherd will really enjoy uses a pound (or so) each of ground beef, ground or cubed chicken, and ground or cubed turkey. You want the meat to be in small enough pieces that your dog won’t choke. Add some vegetables, basically anything you like, and a couple of cups of peas, some brown rice, a cup of lentils or beans, and some fresh garlic—three or four cloves of garlic is not too much. Cook the chicken first; it takes a lot longer to cook than the other meats. Then bake the meat and the vegetables, until all of the meat is done. Debone any meat that needs it, then put the meat, vegetables and rice in a pot with enough water to more than cover, and cook it up.

Why so many vegetables and rice? Because they’re very good for your dog. He needs protein, of course, but he also needs other nutrients, and combining veggies, rice and meat will give your dog everything he needs.

Dogs also generally like rice, especially when it’s flavored with meat, and this is a good way to make sure he gets all the nutrition he needs. Plus, he’ll love being cooked for. In fact, you should be careful, because he’ll probably get used to it and expect it all the time.