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Caring For A Disabled Dog


In order to still be able to provide adequate care and love for the dog, the owner must first be able to recognize the symptoms that cause the dog’s discomfort and possibly even one that leads to disability issues. Once the owner is aware of the disability, steps can then be taken to help the dog live a better quality of life.  

Taking Special Care Of Disabled Pets

Some of the warning signs to look out for are if the pet has been in an accident, if there is evidence of the inability to stand without assistance, difficulty in going up and down stairs, difficulty in getting in and out of cars, difficulty in walking and limping and whining is displayed, hesitancy to walk across slippery surfaces, uncontrolled or accidental urination episodes, unusual growths detected on the pets body, changes in weight, eating habits and temperament and general weakness.

Upon discovering any of the above symptoms, the dog owner would then have several options to consider, the most important of which would be to immediately seek the advice of a vet. The vet would be able to diagnose the animal and make the necessary recommendations for the animal’s future comfort.

Researching the situation is another option the owner can seek out.

There are a lot of materials available today to help anyone seeking information on any particular subject.

There is also the recourse of consulting with other pet owners who may be going through the same thing.

There are also a lot of support groups that have been set up by others, either going through the same predicament or are experienced enough to help the owner in as many ways as needed.  

There is also a lot of equipment that is specifically designed to help pets with various types of disabilities.