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4 Dog Training Tips To Deal With Aggressive Dogs


If your dog is being overly aggressive, especially if he’s shy, then you need to take immediate action. You don’t want to be responsible for your pet hurting another’s pet, or a child, or another important person in your life. Read and implement the following dog training tips so that you can prevent facing the day when you have to put your dog down.

1. Regular training
In order to help your dog become more secure in who he is, then you’ll need to set up regular training. Every dog will be facing some sort of fear or anxiety, whether from another dog or strange person, or unfamiliar place. Knowing this, you should have a controlled environment where your dog can face these fears. For instance, meet up with a friend when you take your dog out and have your friend feed your pet a treat. This will encourage your pet to become more confident.

2. Socialize your pet
Often, aggression in dogs is caused simply by the fact that they’re not familiar with other dogs, and they respond to poor behavior. Of course, you can change this trait by teaching your pet how to actually enjoy other dogs. You can begin this by walking your dog on a leash and make sure other dogs are there, too. When your dog seems to get angry, hold tighter on the leash and give your dog a yank. Teach your dog he or she should not act that way.

3. Stay away from aggressive pets
You don’t want to expose your dog to another aggressive dog, especially if that other dog’s older. The way dogs think is that the older dog will lead yours into bad behavior. It’s the same with people: bad company corrupts good character. Just surround your pet with other animals that exhibit the traits that you want him to emulate. This way you can be sure that your pet is getting some good influences.

4. Use a training muzzle
Finally, you’ll want to get a hold of your pet by buying a muzzle. This is perhaps one of the best of the dog training tips, you just have to get your pet used to the muzzle by introducing it slowly. Use it on your dog right before you feed him or before play. Of course, nobody wants their dog to attack anyone during training, so this muzzle will simply be a safety precaution in case things get a little out of control. It will be a temporary prevention.